I know I’ve said it before, but it makes me so very happy to photograph the various stages in people lives. And this one is “especially-special.” We photographed their wedding in September of 2009 and I was elated when I heard the wonderful news they were expecting. Another wonderful excuse to see some of my favorite people!

I wrote my first draft of this blog post, then read my previous blog post from their wedding and realized I just wrote pretty much the same post. D’oh! I had said “I had never seen Kristen so radiant, happy and beautiful as I did on her wedding day” –  so looking at these pictures you can see why I ended up writing two very similar posts. She’s gorgeous, radiant and beautiful in a whole new way. Yup, now this is officially the most beautiful I’ve seen her – though I may have to take that back when I capture the official Mommy-glow in a few weeks… I have a hunch it will look amazing on her.

Sending love to the Noonan Family.
(EEK and YAY! You’re having a BABY!!)