Established in 2008 by Jamie Proctor-Brassard with the purpose of working with good people for the greater good.

Letter10 Creative, Vermont
[ let-er • ten • kree-ey-tiv]

  1. A brand studio offering design, photography and social media solutions for Vermonters, Woman-owned businesses and the cannabis industry.
  2. Having the power to bring something into being, to evolve something original from one’s own imagination, as a work of art or invention.{more…}
Ok Florida, some parts of you are absolutely amazing. #vacation #florida #fltourist
Possibly my favorite 420 to date. #manateelove #420 #ouid #homossasasprings
In this week’s edition of “What the Heck is Jamie up to:” a client road trip to see my @allblisscannabis design on labels at @vtheadylabels, my go-to for stickers & labels not just because of quality - Such good people doing great things. Right on!
#supportsmallbiz #vtheadylabels #letter10creative #vtcanna #supportlocal #cannadesign #vtbrand #vtbrandphotographer
A few things about me:
I dislike “about me” posts more than the word “bougie” 🤢 and the color pink 🤮 combined. I have a degree in both graphic design & photography and hold a special place in my heart for @chooseyourownadventure and Vermont women-owned businesses. #vtfreelancer #vermonter #letter10creative #fortheloveofvermont #womanpreneur
Marion A.

“I can’t recommend Jamie enough! She created a set of Personal Branding / Speaker / Headshots for me. The process was relaxed and comfortable and the results are amazing!”

Melissa B.

“Jamie brings a special nuance of kindness, patience, creativity and wit to all of her work. Her biggest asset is she brings versatility in having creativity and skills in such a diverse set of project types.”

Patrick D.

“My company came to her with an abstract idea of what we wanted, and what she came up with was beyond what we could have hoped for. Her professionalism and creativity are of the highest caliber.”

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