They say that rain on your wedding day is lucky. Ask a photographer and they might disagree. If I HAD to have rain, I would want it for 5 minutes, and maybe just a “sun shower.” Luckily we had exactly that for Greg and Joan’s ceremony. You can see the rain drops on Greg’s coat at the beginning, and by the end it has all dried. Phew! A poem by Joan’s grandfather was read, and at the mention of “weathering stormy seas together,” the rain seemed to pick up, and then abruptly stop for the sun to shine just in time for the kiss. It was a gorgeous and heartfelt ceremony full of wonderful emotions and a little of nature’s blessing. Congratulations newlyweds, we hope you are enjoying a honeymoon as beautiful as your love!

Location: Common Ground Center, Starksboro, Vermont

Common Ground Center is a wonderful eco-friendly site to host an intimate gathering where friends and family can camp on-site. Most days it’s a retreat-camp geared towards families and strengthening diverse communities. The cabins are wonderfully sweet, there is a pond and hiking trails to appreciate the beauty of Starksboro. They are also fellow VBSR members, and I can attest to their friendliness.

Flowers: Stray Cat Farm
Food: Frank Pace (outstanding! Hands down, best wedding food we’ve had all season!)
Cake: Snaffle Sweets
Dress: Tara Keely