I’m back in the office after a whirlwind weekend at the Vermont Professional Photographer’s 91st Convention. It was inspiring, educational, exciting and fun. This post is a strange one to write, because I don’t particularly like to talk about myself. But am so very proud of my accomplishments within VPP. And, being the sole owner of this business, I have to “toot my own flute,” because no one else is going to do it. You’ve been forewarned.

This was my 8th year competing in VPP’s Print Competition, and my best one yet. All five of my images I submitted merited, and received blue ribbons. First time that’s happened, and this year I submitted more images than ever – so YAY me! Two of them also received higher recognition, a Judges Choice Award (from 5 given), and the highest honor of Court of Honor (from 3 given). My next year’s goal is to submit an entire case of images for the first time, which is 6-8, and I’m excited to start planning my submissions now. It was just so inspiring to be amongst Vermont’s Finest Photographers, and to learn so much from the Masters and judges who provided invaluable feedback to make next years better than ever.

My Proudest Accomplishments this Year:

I am happy for my print competition achievements this year, but what I am most proud of are the new awards I get to place around my neck. This year at Banquet, two new awards were introduced and I was fortunate enough to receive BOTH. These awards are based on cumulative points earned since 2014. They highlight hard work and dedication in earning them. The “Service Degree” recognizes members who volunteer their time and expertise to help run the organization. The second is the “Print Excellence Degree” which recognizes photographic excellence in print competition.  It’s really (really) nice to be rewarded for my hard work, volunteering, and 6+ years of service on the Board, and I am still a bit in shock. I will wear these awards oh-so proudly.

In Gratitude:

Thanks to my hubby, Jaime, and to my family for always supporting my sometimes lofty goals. Being able to take the time for my passions does not go unnoticed. I’m grateful.

I also need to give a shoutout to my very talented friend and colleague, Kelly Schulze. She is my sounding board, voice of wisdom, and cheerleader. She is one of the most kind and patient people I know, and helped me to print my images and even saved my bumm when I found a booger on a print the day before competition. Thanks so very much for the reprint, Kel, and simply for being you. I look up to you and am so grateful to call you friend. Mini plug: go visit MountainDogPhotography.com. She’s amazing.

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