I’ve been excited for Tanya and Stephen’s wedding since I first met them for their engagement session in December. It was obvious even then that their love was refined, and mutually-respectful with a twist of fun. And that is pretty much how I would explain their wedding day in Middlebury, Vermont, on quite possibly the best day of the summer – certainly the best thus far this year.

I met Stephen and his dudes at their home, said “hello” to their kitties and documented some wedding prep. Tanya and her ladies put the final touches together to prep for portraits and ceremony at the Swift House, right down the road from their church ceremony. It was sweet and to the point, surrounded by lovely people and music, and their reception was colorful, cute, and candid. The toasts were the highlight, as was the wall of flowers and pom-pom sendoff. I am not typically a “car person,” but that lil “getaway car” was sweet! Cheers to you, may you have health, wealth and happiness together!

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