This intimate wedding was the perfect mix of love and celebration, set amongst a stunning property on Lake Placid surrounded by Adirondack charm. The weather looked “iffy” all week, and I even drove through two mini showers on my way to the wedding. But thankfully there was no rain, in fact there was even the most magical sunshine that literally shot out of the clouds to highlight Rebecca and her father during the processional like a sign from above. Then almost as if on cue, the wind died down and the clouds parted to create magical golden hour sunshine during some portraits. And you know how much I just love golden-hour goodness! The whole day was one of those that makes me so thankful to be a photographer, to be a part of a close-knit and lovely family, to document the first hours of their new life, and to be able to appreciate a picturesque lake, sunshine and love.

lake placid wedding, an intimate summer gathering