What is 40 Days of Fall? It is a project I started four years ago to push myself to take conscious pictures daily – to see more of Vermont, and to share beautiful things with people who appreciate my blog. The first three years I was a mad-woman about capturing a picture a day, AND posting it all in the same day. Nuts. Now, fast forward a few years, and I almost didn’t even realize when the first day of fall was because I was just so gosh darned busy. Not that I am complaining, it is just a reality that life has gotten a bit in the way for my personal projects. And now I have a fancy iPhone, a slight obsession with Instagram (you can follow me here) and I travel a bunch more. So this year’s project has morphed a bit in that I will not be posting every day like in past years. I will try to post weekly, and I will try for at least one image from my trusted “real camera” and not my iPhone. Or that is the plan anyways. Next week’s post will be graced with images of wine country, as Jaime and I are taking a very-deserved break in California. Can’t wait to show you our adventures! Until then, here is my first week of fall – the most glorious time of the year!

Belated catchup from my #40daysOfFall project #vt #letter10projects

Day 2 of my #40daysoffall catchup. Golden hour, my fav time of the day. #vt #letter10projects

Last one tonight, I promise! #40daysoffall #vt #letter10projects

Yesterday's commute #40daysoffall
#40daysoffall autumn creeps in #letter10projects

#40daysoffall #letter10projects #latergram
#40daysoffall #letter10projects
Morning fog #40daysoffall #letter10projects

Day is done. #letter10projects #40daysoffall