What does a Vermont Photographer and Mama do when she’s feeling creatively stuck yet excited for change in a new decade? Well I just so happened to start a personal project bigger than one I’ve ever completed. Bring it. Sure, I completed seven years of a “40 Days of Fall” daily photo project, a “Weekly Winter Wonderland” one as well, and a few CRAZY years of designing free monthly desktop calendars with my images. Oh, hello 2012 – HOW DID I HAVE THE TIME!? But this project is different because of the duration (gulp!) and also at this stage of my life I’m being pulled in more directions than ever juggling mom-ing, and the business. But this is my year of “grace” and living life with more intention. I’m relearning to do things that are just for me, and I’m taking the time as a creative outlet, an opportunity to learn, and to push myself as a photographer. When all is said and done I hope to have an amazing album documenting this fleeting time of toddlerhood as my guy is becoming “less little” by the second.

Professional Photographer Personal Project 365: day 1 Echo Vermont

Drumroll please…
Tah-dah! I have completed my first 31 days of a year-long project that I honestly kind of did on a whim. A fellow Keene State Alum and photographer pal (Kristina O’Brien) had done this “365 project” which I adored and admired, so when she posted on Facebook about starting another one in 2020, I just so happened to be in the perfect mindset to decide “what the heck, I think this is the year I try too.” I started naming and tagging all my images and files “365,” then realized it’s a leap year, so technically it’s 366 days this year… I’m still going to call it a 365 and give myself one day off.

The first month of 2020 has come and gone, with it brought bitterly cold days to Vermont, and a bit of snow that has since melted or blown away. So that meant a lot of indoor photos – and adventures with the toddler out in public spaces where I would prefer not to bring the attention that a big pro camera inevitably brings. But I stepped out of my comfort zone and rocked the big boy in the pet store, hair stylist, libraries and restaurants. One gold star for me!

Another hurdle that this wintery month brought was the lack of stellar lighting options in our house, so this project has already gotten me to push photographic boundaries that I would never “risk” with a client. And to my surprise, I’m not minding the grainier images taken in low light, in fact it makes me nostalgic for the high school and college days spent in the dark room.

Next month’s goals? To post this blog on March 1. (baby steps, ya’ll) Fingers crossed.
And hey, THANKS SO MUCH for following my lil personal project.

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