Hands-down this will be the most memorable November of my life. Years from now I imagine talking about this with my son, being scared for our country and his future while all of the United States collectively held their breath in anticipation of our fates. This month was heartbreaking/dumbfounding/breathtaking and overwhelming. Thank you in advance, Joe and Kamala, I’m starting to see the rays of sunshine behind a very dark cloud. This country is not united in anything, and while I feel like I can breath a little bit easier with every bit of good news, I know this is only the beginning of a very long road to recovery.

My most meaningful image of this month is that of Najma’s senior session. I photographed her just two hours after hearing of Biden’s win. It was invigorating to be doing a literal sigh of relief while being excited for this senior’s bright future. It was awesome to share with her. The next day I met dear friends along the Lake on a crazy-warm day and captured my new favorite family session photo. We shot for an hour or so and I had the Abbey Road-esque shot in the back of my mind. It was the last few snaps of the day and Mama Nature was feeling my excitement. I love when that happens.

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