I’ve been a gal of few words lately, so my May roundup shall be short and sweet. I’m so very thankful to have a daily constant in this 365 project, and to be a photographer Mama in Vermont, but unfortunately I’ve lost a bit of my creative mojo. Personal stuff, family illness, the news… feeling all the feelings ALL the time is painfully exhausting, and being an empath this month has just really drained me. I miss my clients. I miss working. I mourn the weddings that simply are not happening this year. May 2020 overall sucked, but ya gotta look for the silver linings. I celebrated my 39th birthday simply and with delicious food, which was perfection to me. There were a few days of on again/off again snow showers (looking at you, May 9!) followed by 70 degree weather. We celebrated the 80 degree days with swimming at our local river, and a creemee (or four…) I feel summer rolling in and I’m excited for more photo opps in my garden, the feeling of being submerged in cool natural water on a hot day, and fireflies. And hoping possibly-maybe I’ll find a bit of creativity while romping through nature with my family.

This month I’m thankful for you. Yes, you. Thanks for taking the time to read my little interpretation of May 2020.
I’m also thankful to live in such a gorgeous place. How fortunate am I to be a photographer in the great state of Vermont?

What a difference a day makes! Snow in May was not exactly a welcomed thing here in this household, even the preschooler wanted to wear shorts instead of snow boots. Just wait a day, Kiddo! This is Vermont.

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