Phew. I have no idea what to write in this blog post. The reality is, life for everyone feels heavy right now. I am remiss to speak of sad and scary times, but also don’t want to sugarcoat the truth. The fact is, life has all changed so quickly, and it feels so very odd to post images captured the two weeks before our home quarantine. I took for granted the simplest things like a trip to the playground. I know everyone is struggling in their own ways. I’ve struggled with answering my inquisitive toddler’s plethora of questions, and really miss hugs, among other things. But as I’ve written about in previous posts, I’m really trying to practice gratitude and invite you to do the same.

Today I am grateful for a healthy family, plenty of food, and my “Gram socks.”
I am also grateful to live in Vermont, despite her crazy March weather. In the matter of 5 days we saw rain then mud, snow, and a day later sunshine so warm you barely needed a sweatshirt.

To say this month was interesting is an understatement. I went from celebrating winning multiple awards and enjoying friends and education at the Vermont Professional Photographer’s convention, to getting a violent stomach flu a few days later. Little did I know that would be the last week of my son’s preschool for the rest of the school year.

Photo-wise this month’s images bring tears to my eyes for so many reasons. There was a day I was so ill I just took photos of my blanket. I documented our last trip to Liam’s favorite spot, Echo, for the foreseeable future. I also captured the first 18 days of our quarantine (as of this writing, it has now been 30 days, but who’s counting?) Through it all, I am oddly grateful I’ve been documenting this strange year, and especially through the quarantine – because I’m holding on to hope we’ll look back at this time as a small and hopefully insignificant blip in our lives. I just have to hold onto that hope.

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