I remember vividly the first time I heard the phrase “the days are long, but the years are short.” I was overly sleep-deprived and in the midst of my newborn’s all-encompassing second wave of cluster feeding where I had lost track of what the day of the week it was. It took my breath away. Granted, I was in an emotional state, but this brought tears to my eyes with all the feels. Not just sadness in the passing of time, but in that moment a reminder that this too shall pass, and that each day is a new start. Just keep moving forward – no matter how slow, because if one thing in this life is for sure, time will pass and a few short years from now I plan to be proud of surviving these crazy days.

This past month this phrase has been an ear worm that I just can’t happen to shake. Perhaps it is with the solstice, the changing of seasons, and the growth in my garden. More likely it is because I am again having to unplug from social media because my empath-heart just cannot take any more sadness for the state of our country, world and humanity. I have posted on Instagram three times since March, and even those few and far between felt icky. I haven’t spoken up about my anxieties, my sadness and frustration because I don’t want to offend or burden anyone. I still don’t know where to start when talking about the current state of the world – or even the state of my mind – as I’m still in the “educate and listen” mode. But these thoughts, paired with thoughts of how to teach and raise my son right, has taken up ALL of my thought processes (and then some.) My brain-space is not that different than that blur of the first few months of motherhood. My creativity has dwindled, or more specifically, my photography enthusiasm and creativity has hit rock bottom. Then “the days are long, but the years are short” pops into my head and I cling to it in the hopes of a better future. Yes, these days are adding up to exhaustion and overwhelm, but I have high hopes that things will be better thanks to the work being done now.

Love is love.

I am the most thankful this month for Mama Nature. Stellar sunsets, fresh breezes with epic clouds, sunshine for miles… and my sweet little garden. When I didn’t feel much inspiration I was able to go right out my front door into my flowers and veggies, silently observing and capturing the details. A heaven-send that provides two-fold. Several times a week I found myself doing my garden meditations and I really look forward to next month when I can incorporate my growing and almost-budding dahlias.

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