July was a big celebration of summer in the Brassard household. While completely different from other years, I’ve been enjoying the slower pace, lots of Lake Bomoseen time with family, and going out into the garden to see daily changes. The tomatoes are out of control, the zinnias are taller than my preschooler, and lots of bug critters have been featured with my macro lens. We’ve eaten enough berries to sustain us through the cold winter months, and frozen that many more. We’ve celebrated our favorite summer food traditions by making more meals together as a family, and sampled a creemee or two. Typically July is my busiest month as a wedding and portrait photographer, and it felt strange to not be overwhelmed with “busy.”

While I still am not feeling all that creatively inspired, I am proud that I’ve stuck with this crazy project of mine, despite big challenges like my pro camera being out of commission due to legos in the card reader slots. (If you had ever wondered, they do NOT pair well.) I hope to look back on this project knowing it was a really tough year and being proud of pushing through despite sometimes wanting to quit.

August is a bittersweet month for me, my wedding season “starts” and my portrait and senior sessions ramp up – which is a bit of a summer-ender for me because it means burning the midnight oil to keep up with workflow. It will be an adjustment for sure, as I’ve really enjoyed my evenings of reading instead of staring at a computer screen. But I am really REALLY looking forward to seeing and photographing people more – even if it is very different when shooting in 80 degree weather while wearing a mask. I’m just appreciative to flex my creative muscles as an income again.

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