A wrap up of my 366 project .Through joys, frustration, quarantine, mothering, ‘Vermontering’, anxiety attacks, preschool teaching, creating, living and breathing I consistently showed up for MY personal project. Was every image award winning? Heck no. Are some of them a bit of a cop out? Probably. But 2020 was the hardest of my life and even on days when I felt broken I still took the freaking picture. Yay, me. I not only survived, but some days I thrived, and I have a visual documentation of my persistence. I didn’t have any expectations for outcome, I just pushed myself to show up and do it, so I’m going to consider it a success.

Crazy to think when I decided to do this project the world lived in less fear, pre-pandemic… unknowing of every other terrible thing that 2020 brought us. I didn’t know this would be such a dumpster fire of a year and yet I continued to document, and it feels good to have accomplished that. A few months into my project someone commented that looking at my images you’d have no idea that we were in quarantine. I was offended. But then I sat with that offhanded comment and decided to take it as a compliment. Against all odds, I had captured moments of everyday joy, simple pleasures, and the sweet precariousness of my ever-growing child.

I dedicate this project to my Mother whom I lost last month. I know she would have been the first to comment on my post regarding my accomplishments, she was my biggest cheerleader, among other things. To say I miss her is an understatement but I am still at a loss for words. She was one of the most creative people, and instilled a love of creativity in me. Because of her gift I’ve been getting through this life, one photograph, one zentangle, and one handmade card at a time. Thanks for that, Mom.

I’m taking some time off from personal projects for now to focus on family and me, but I suspect this won’t be my last 365 project. I loved how it helped me to see the beauty in the everyday, pushed me to be more creative, brought me outside more, to hone my comfort level with my equipment, to educate myself and try new things. And I have something to show for this shit show of a year. Oh what a year.

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