You Guys, I’m doing it! Another 29 days completed of my 365 Project (technically 366, thanks Leap Year!) The process and mindset is becoming a bit more of a routine, and even as a Professional Photographer, the thought of 366 consecutive photographs seemed daunting, and now I’m stoked I successfully accomplished over 50 days, which is more than I can say for my previous projects: “40 Days of Fall” and, a “Weekly Winter Wonderland“. YAY TO ME!

This month brought colder weather, our biggest snow storm of the season, and several typical winter sicknesses. That meant a bit more indoor time, and some good ole Vermonty-hibernation. It also apparently meant lots of eating, and less of that lovely natural light that this Vermont Photographer craves. I saw it as a challenge to bone-up on my off camera lighting techniques and to work on photo projects for an upcoming Photo Competition. In between, we made sure to keep busy with visits to museums and friend-time. The toddler and I celebrated those few glorious days of blue bird skies and sunshine so warming you could feel the Vitamin D seeping in by hiking new spots, and taking a few solo car trips and walks in search of my shot.

Check this out, no wonder Ansel Adams would wait hours for the “perfect shot.”

The first two images were captured a mere 10 minutes apart, and the third just didn’t make the cut. (It’s a good day when you have more than one favorite!)

It wasn’t all sunshine and beautiful images though. My car battery died while Hubby was out of town, our heater needed to be completely replaced in the middle of a terrible cold snap, and one of my biggest photo fears happened. I DROPPED MY CAMERA on my very unforgiving tile floor. More specifically, my camera plate slipped off the tripod, which resulted in the camera sliding off and bouncing to the floor. Nope, that is not supposed to happen, I had that bugger locked in place. But it did happen, and I’ll get over it… eventually. That is why as a professional I invest in insurance, yadda yadda, but it’s still a hassle. And as a downfall of my business, the money is certainly much slower in the winter, and it was just a really expensive month.

As not to end this post on a downer, I am really excited for the photographs I’ve submitted to the Vermont Professional Photographer’s Image Competition this year. While I can’t share them publicly until after the competition, I can give mini-hints: some images shared below are glimpses into beginnings of pieces I poured hours into. Yes, there will be a Vermont landscape image, and an image featuring mushrooms. That’s all I’ll say, though I really gravitated to black and white this year. Last year at Competition I was awarded the highest scoring print, Best in Show, and two Courts of Honor, so I’ve put the pressure on myself to keep the momentum going. There is some serious talent in Vermont, and it’s a really tough competition. There’s actual judges who are trained to be hyper-critical in order to ensure highest quality photographs representing the prestigious Professional Photographer’s Association. You just never know… Fingers crossed – I’ll keep you posted.

Hey, THANKS SO MUCH for taking the time to follow my lil personal project.

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