Here it is already January 10th, and I know my mind has been procrastinating this post. December was the saddest and strangest of my life, and while I really don’t feel like writing a post, it is the last of 12 – an entire yearlong project that I simply cannot just stop with the last chapter left out. Because this is my biggest “thing” of 2020. I worked diligently for 366 consecutive days to capture an image, even in the saddest of times.

My Mother died on December 5th, a poetic 3 years to the date that her mother passed. She had battled cancer for three years, but her final days were unexpectedly quick and shocking. The rest of the month has quite honestly been a blur. Hence my hesitance in writing any of this, it’s all still raw and hard to talk about for this introvert.

I look forward to creating the album and slideshow of this project, stay tuned. Brighter days ahead.

Decorating Mom's tree. A few hours later I got the fateful call and realized she'd never see it in all its glory. Christmas was Mom's favorite.
Cheers to a shit year
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