April. Oh, April. An entire month of quarantine, 48 days now – but who’s counting?
I could write about how exhausting and unsure these 30 days were, but I am choosing to dig deep into gratitudes with this post.

As hard as this month was, it also had glimmers hope, quality downtime, and so much love. Celebrating Easter without family was hard, but also made me thankful for a toddler preschooler(!) to enjoy an Easter egg hunt with, and to forget a little about how darn weird a day it was. The aforementioned preschooler turned 4 this month, and it was nothing short of special. We hosted a “parade” of sorts and our family and friends drove through our driveway with lovingly decorated cars waving their well wishes. It was a slightly-confusing surprise to my son, and an even bigger surprise to me – the wave of realization in just how awesome our “tribe” is, and how much I really needed to be reminded of that love in celebrating my favorite day of the year.

It may have been really (really) hard to not hug you all, but I thank you for being an integral part of my sons birthday. You know who you are.

This past month I was speechlessly humbled by my tribe. I wad grateful for my mini miracle turning 4, and thankful for those glorious signs of Spring in Vermont. I was also grateful for chocolate. Lots and lots (and lots) of chocolate.

Last night I attended an online class offered by Vermont Professional Photographers on Resiliency and Photography. A few points really hit home, especially:
“The rising tide lifts all the boats.” (a John F. Kennedy quote referenced by a friend)
“While we are all going through the same storm, we are not all in the same boat.”

I could spend hours explaining why these in particular resonated with me, but will save you the reading. I have these pieces written in a special spot to remind me daily to continue to be kind and nonjudgemental, to try and stay positive, and to help others (after securing my own life vest) when their vessel runs ashore. And for May, I wish for you red skies at night, a sturdy helm, and a safe mooring. Summer is coming.

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