I was never overly fond of babies until a few years ago. Then I had my own, and it wasn’t until then that learned how to appreciate all the wonderful sleepy snuggles, even when sleep deprived – because in a few short years (months, really), that same squishy little human will be tearing apart the house, covering it with stickers and muddy boot prints. I felt a wave of nostalgia in photographing this beautiful little cherub, as her checks and plentiful hair were similar to my own babes. In the same breath, I also felt gratitude in her parents inviting me into their home to document these fleeting moments. I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but it is the highest honor for me to have clients I’ve captured from engagement session, to wedding, maternity and newborn. And I am truly humbled… and a little bit smitten with those sweet baby cheeks.