Where do I begin with this wedding? First off, if you are an amazing couple who are beautiful inside and out, you better believe your circle of people is going to be an indescribably awesome crew, and the party after the celebration of love is going to be stellar. Like two rainbows TWICE in one night kinda awesome. Alyssa & Mike hosted an amazing weekend in Saratoga Springs. Their first look and portraits were captured at the Hall of Springs, and their ceremony and reception were held at the Polo Fields. Both locations fit their elegant and classic style, complete with rose gold bling and traditional roses. Their day was a swift-moving fairy tale with a classic 80’s movie ending, they danced their last dance to Purple Rain while being surrounded by their nearest and dearest, then closed the night off with the biggest hug I’ve ever seen. Like 100-people surrounding them with a palpable love. Cheers to you two, if you have rain in your days, may it bring you a rainbow or two.

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