Matt & Andrea’s love story is truly one of my favorites, quite the fairytale story of knowing each other since childhood, and Andrea had the perfect fairytale dress to bookmark this chapter in their lives. While it rained all day, there was plenty of love and laughter to go around, and luckily we had scouted a fun portrait spot to shoot at despite their cancelled chairlift ride. Their ceremony was heartfelt and a great reflection of their relationship, including an exchange of lei’s as a nod to where they first officially fell in love, and lived for a bit. Matt’s cufflinks from Andrea included the coordinates to both a special spot in Hawaii and their Okemo wedding location. What a wonderful keepsake! Matt is in the Navy, and oh-so handsome in his uniform, so they did their first look while he was in uniform then switched to a tux with a fun two-colored tie with special knot only YouTube could produce (we have the photos to prove it.) This fun couple is off on a honeymoon in warm weather that has me quite jealous, but I’ll just keep warm editing their smile-filled day to stay warm on this chilly day instead.

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