I cannot begin to explain the gratitude that overflows when past clients call and invite me into their home to capture their most personal of moments. It is documenting these beautiful stages of life that really makes me thankful to have the job I do. (I’ll be honest, it’s also a big ego boost to see your wedding photographs hung proudly on their wall, too!)

Perhaps it is the intimate moments that compelled me to create more black and whites than usual, or simply the fact that Haley’s gorgeous eyes really pop in black and white. Either way, I am so excited to meet their little Miss, and hope she has her Mama’s eyelashes and her Daddy’s smile. I know she is already so loved, you can see it in the details of her pristinely designed room, and how that same light I saw on their wedding day still glimmers in both Chris and Haley’s eyes when they look at each other.

Thankfully it was warm enough to hop outside for a few quick photos, and while announcing their gender in colored smoke, I kid you not, the first 5 seconds produced an almost-perfect heart shape for me to capture. I love it when amazingness like that happens – such a wonderful moment captured for generations to enjoy. Pinch me, I think I’m work-dreaming again!