I’m not going to lie, weddings during a pandemic are different. They’re hard… like rescheduling an entire event to a different date and state! They’re maybe a bit more stressful. But you know what trumps all that? LOVE. Through a reschedule, to minimizing their guest list, couples have it really hard in planning a 2020 wedding. But this couple took it in stride, persevered, embraced it, and had a beautiful day surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Traits that will carry them through marriage. If nothing else, it will be one hell of a story to tell their grandkids. Was there dancing? A smidge. Was there BINGO? Bingo! YES! Was there love and laughter and happily ever after? Most definitely.

I had photographed April’s brothers wedding a few years back, in which I happened to take one of my personal favorite images. (If you follow the blog, or have been on my homepage, it’s my infamous “rain shot.”) So long story, short, I put a lot of pressure on myself to create an equally artful piece for April and Vance, and this time the stars aligned and I was able to capture both the Milky Way and their portrait. Yes, it is two images seamed together, but it is also geographically correct – they are indeed standing in front of those sweet glimmering stars. The star photograph had a 30 second exposure, so it just wasn’t logistically possible to do it in one photograph. Love it or hate it, I’m proud I took the leap and got back into a bit of astral photography.

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