Hard to believe it has been six years that I have done this personal project. I really debated over whether or not I should do it this year, as the past few years it felt a bit forced, and by the end I really felt burned out. Then I thought about the reason why I started the project in the first place: because I love Vermont, all-things fall (except pumpkin spice), and because I wanted to stretch my creative muscles by photographing the beauty of my home state. So, in honor of all those things, and pushing my comfort zome, I bring you 40 Days of Fall 2015. Bigger and better than ever? We’ll see about that one, I’m just hoping to not be such a stickler to myself if I miss a day here and there… I’m not even going to talk about last year – we’ll just say my first three years were my most diligent, and leave it at that. Click to see 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013/14 projects. I personally love seeing how far I’ve come stylistically, compositionally, and simply more “in focus!”

Day 1 – September 23, 2015

Today already proved to be a bit of a challenge. I wasn’t feeling the greatest and quite honestly felt more like a nap than going out to take pictures. But I met with a client in the afternoon and decided to take the long-way home and stop at a pretty little river by the side of the road, just as the golden hour light was filtering in. I was happy for the sunshiney yellow-hues, because the sunshine was just about all that felt like fall. The leaves haven’t really started to turn here, and the big and beautiful river I remember was just a trickle because we haven’t gotten much rain all month – it was a sad little ugly puddle of a river. Alas, I put on my creative hat, and really searched for an image that said “fall.” This is the only image that really screamed fall to me.

40 Days of Fall Project by Vermont Photographer Jamie Proctor-Brassard of Letter10 Creative

Day 2 –

This image was captured in Richmond, Vermont, at that same little sad river-puddle from yesterday. Hey, it’s my personal photo project, I’ll do what I want! While this image doesn’t necessarily say fall to me, it is quite Vermonty. I love me some good ferns and golden hour lighting. See the spiderwebs glistening in the sun? If I were a spider I would live here.

40 Days of Fall by Vermont Photographer Jamie Proctor-Brassard of Letter10 Creative

Day 3 –

Nothing says fall more to me than maple. Forget that pumpkin-spice stuff, yuck. I treated myself to my favorite maple creemee after a family portrait session this past Friday. Why? Because I earned it! An instagram pic from my Letter10Creative account.
Maple Creemee from Palmer's in Jericho by Burlington Vermont Photographer Jamie Proctor-Brassard of Letter10 Creative

Day 4 –

I worked all day today photographing a wedding. Getting home a bit before 10pm, the last thing I wanted to do was stand outside and take more pictures. But thankfully my Husband prodded me a few times (after I had already gotten into bed) to go out and take a shot or two. And I am so glad I did. While the super blood-moon eclipse was much cooler to witness in person, this is my take on what I saw last night. Funny that just a few hours prior, I was having a hard time taking a “closing shot” at the wedding because the moon was so bright it was producing a flare on my lens! I’m happy to say I witnessed this rare sight.

super blood moon taken by Vermont Photographer Jamie Proctor-Brassard of Letter10 Creative 40 Days of Fall

Day 5 –

While picking up my artwork from the ArtHop, I found these lovelies along the Maltex Building where my art was displayed. While I wished I had my pro camera, my iphone certainly did the trick. Fall certainly is creeping in!

40 Days of Fall in Vermont by Letter10 Creative

Day 6 –

Apparently I have a thing for vines on walls.

40 Days of Fall by Vermont Photographer Letter10 Creative

Day 7 –

Something I am thankful for this week: fresh food from our local CSA, Trillium Hill Farm. I have a new found love of eggplant! And, again a cell phone picture, but oh-well.

40 Days of Fall by Vermont Photographer Letter10 Creative