This super sweet, intimate and adorable wedding was held on the Spring Equinox in the deep woods of Maine. I say “deep woods” because I am honestly not sure exactly where we were, but it was so amazingly peaceful. Mother Nature kinda-sorta cooperated with us if you don’t include the several storms that dumped snow the weeks prior. But it was an unseasonably warm day with bright sunshine and bluebird skies. Thankfully the groom “packed out” a spot for us so I didn’t have to finagle photographing in snow shoes (though I’m sure that sight is photo-worthy in itself.)

It is always an honor to be invited into people’s lives, to document their day and capture those glimpses of love, but even more so when it is such a sweet and simple, private display of love. One of three people in attendance, and in a breathtakingly peaceful spot in the woods – what an honor. Heartfelt vows and a “sermon” quoting The Princess Bride, a homemade cake and flowers, and the bride’s mothers dress were all wonderful aspects of their wedding day, but I have to say that hands-down my favorite memory was seeing the bald eagles fly past the couple’s heads during portraits. What!? If that isn’t one crazy big sign of awesomeness, I don’t know what is. A story that can be told to the next generations – and thankfully I captured proof, (albeit with a portrait lens.)

Officiant: Brad Anderson
Witness: Jean Anderson
Location: Still not 100% sure, though Long Pond sounds right
Cake: Bride