Good riddance 2015. You were a fine year I suppose, full of life’s ups and downs like any other year, but this year I am more hopeful of the future and what the new year brings. I am grateful that I welcomed a new nephew, traveled to Puerto Rico and Montreal, grew my business with Zentangle, 12 weddings and portrait sessions, participated in ArtHop, and found I was finally pregnant with our first child.

I’m not usually one to create New Year’s resolutions, but this year seems different than others. This year my resolution is to just “be” more. I want to be more in the present moment, and to be doing what makes me happy, being creative daily. Not for the sake of making money or growing the business, but to be creative for me, to fill my heart, and to embrace more of what makes me happiest. Simply put, creativity makes my world go round, and I’m going to try to enjoy the shit out of it. I am motivated to work towards becoming a better person, and most excitedly to become a mother.

I know this year will be full of many changes, probably more so than any of my other 34 years, but I really think that being mindful of who I am becoming will help to ease into that transition, and I really want to be a role model for my future child in being positive, teaching them kindness and patience through practice, and to be a good person. I know there will be “down days” and days of frustration, but if I can look to the positive instead of the negative, or at least settle my mind with a bit of creative happiness, then I think I’ll be a better person, wife, mother, friend, business owner, teacher, community member, and role model.

With that being said, I’m attempting a new project. I’m going to try completing a 52-weeks photo challenge where I take at least one image a week specifically for documenting my new life of embracing being in the moment. Some of the images will be of my creative plans: to finish crocheting a baby blanket, to sew more, to pick up my “less Facebook and more Zentangle” morning routine, and to work on the children’s book I started last year. Some photographs will be personal: helllloooo new baby (and all that comes with it!) And some photos will be work related, because let’s face it, my job is creative, and I need to remind myself of the happiness I give others instead of it feeling like work. I will embrace documenting their photographic milestones that will become heirlooms for the next generation, take pleasure in designing graphics that make others lives easier, and teach my joy of zentangle to those who could also use a bit of mindful meditation. Bring it on 2016, I’m ready for you!

The first image, a “selfie” of me at 26 weeks pregnant. My first somewhat-nude on my blog. Heck, I’ll be honest, my first nude ever especially on my blog! Might as well just plunge head-first into this one, toss my comfort-levels aside and embrace this new year, right?

Week 1:

52 Weeks Project: 26 Weeks Pregnant. New Years Resolution Project by Letter10 Creative Vermont Photographer